Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sketch dump~

As promised, sketches~

First (above) is my brother's UO character (Ultima Online). I drew the hat wrong, but oh well - I'm glad he liked it though. He's a beast tamer of sorts. hehe
This one is Sywyn, a character belonging to Nadezhdavasile, a friend on deviantART. c:
Sketch dumppp~
Gotta love Richard, from Looking for Group. Read it. Laugh. Be pleased. (And be sure to watch "This is War" and "Slaughter Your World" on youtube for Looking for Group.)
Couple other sketches, no real reason for them lol.

That's it~

Besides sketches, my cousin recently made a simpler system for DnD-style RPG, and it's addicting fun. Was up until 1 am last night playing. My character's freaking stupid. But at least he's strong and fast. Never lost a health point. 8D

Hope everyone's week has gone well. My weekend is planned primarily as a break from going places all the time and to apply for a job or two. Or three. We'll see what's available.

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  1. Awesome! Your sketches look great! 8D I especially like the last dragon, but I'm slightly biased. ;P