Thursday, August 12, 2010

I have a blog!

I've decided to make a blog for sketch dumps, random art, speedpaints, what have you. I have a deviantART page (in fact I'm moving stuff from my gallery over here.) After discussing the pros and cons of how to use DA and what a blog could benefit, it makes sense to use blogger for dumps and silly stuff than deviantART. DA has become popular, which is great, because art directors are likely to search it. If one stumbles on my page, what do I want them to get from it at first glance? That's what spurred this blog.

So, introductions to anyone who accidentally stumbled here, I'm Yukimi Mills, an artist and writer. I think I'm still at a novice stage for both, but I'm having fun improving and working toward my goals. I have a cat, two fish, and if I could afford it I'd have Starbucks' frappeccino's(sp?) every morning. :P

I'm also a full time college student, beginning my second year toward an Associate's in Graphic Design. Even though I've noticed lately I don't much like it, but oh well. It's practical. After that I'm looking forward to getting an Associate's in Business Marketing. That sounds more fun, for some reason. Bah.

Anyway, I'm stoked to get things started. Hopefully tomorrow I can get some work uploaded here~

Over and out-


  1. Hello!! :D Sounds like a good plan! :) I didn't know you were actually in University studying graphic design! What's it like, even though you're no longer partial to it? :O
    You should do something you like, even if it's not as practical. ^^

  2. Not sure how to reply, so I'm guessing a comment will do, heh. :)

    Graphic Design is don't need to draw to be good at it. You know all those signs like movie posters, fliers advertising a rock band, or restaraunt's banners and menus? All Graphic Design. It's mostly about using Photoshop to cut out images and re-arrange them, etc, and Illustrator to place in cool font and add additional glitter to it. It CAN be fun, like when you're designing logos, and I appreciate the color theory and drawing class. But after talking with professionals in the field, I just don't feel like it's my thing.

    Ah, I'd love to go into something like Creative Writing or Art. But alas, a degree in either of those (unless it was for teaching maybe) won't do me much good in the real world. D: It won't be definite that I get picked up by a publisher or that my art will be recognized by WotC by then. So, to pay for the cost of living and all other expenses, I think a practical field will work out better. Not going for art and writing in college won't worsen my chances at being successful in those areas, which is a really good thing about creative goals. ^^

  3. (Haha not sure how to reply either. :P)
    Ahh, I see! Thanks for the explanation. :O I was encouraged to go into graphic design, to, for a time. But when I saw how commercial it was, and less open-form and creative, I was a little wary. ^^; That's kinda too bad. D: A lot of people do change what they take, though, if you were still interested in the business field! :O ^^

    Yeah, that would be really fun! :O :D Haha I know what you mean though, neither are exactly jobs you'd get a lot of guaranteed work for. x_x Oh yes, very true! That's why I love being creative! C: