Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Keyboard smash for the win.

A little news:

I'm obviously not uploading sketches for a bit. I gotta go to work soon, so no time to scan everything. In retrospect, I haven't done much sketching in general. I'll upload what little studies I have done here soon (if I can remember, it'll be tonight. If not, tomorrow morning.)

I have, however, been reading at every break I get at work, I read when waiting to clock in or waiting for the car to thaw out so I can drive home. In all this "in between time" reading, I've nearly finished Stephen King's On Writing. What do I have to say for it?

The best. Book. On writing. Ever.


Besides that book, I'm almost done with The Outstretched Shadow, Brisingr, and The Plea of Apollisian, respectively. The first book I started reading in 2005. Yes. Five years. And even though the story is good, the characters likable, it fails to keep me "gripped to the end." And I know why. It's too damned descriptive. Stephen King put it best. "When there's too much description, you know the writer got too fascinated with his power of vision." Or something like that. Basically, these writers are good, but it's hard to read through all the description, inner dialogue (that could be condensed without losing the story), that the book feels like it's draaaagging. Even during the battle scenes.

As for Brisingr, I've been working my way through that book for a year and a half now. I'm not proud, as an Inheritance fan since I was 14, I'm ashamed it's taken me so long. The only reason I have for not finishing it is that, although interesting and well written, the pacing is so long that I don't feel like there's any tension build up. I'm less than 150 pages from finishing it. Why don't I make the last jump in a few hours? Because I'm disinclined. I feel that if there was a climax, I should be feeling the tension climbing up and making me WANT to keep reading.

But I don't.

I got a spoiler recently and so I know something big DOES happen. But I totally have no indication that anything different is gonna happen. :XD:

Good book, just not keeping my interest. D:

The last one has been pretty good, but I think it's just not paced the way I like it. I think the reason I don't feel more inclined to read it is a biased one; it's not too descriptive nor under descriptive and the characters and story are sound. I don't like the idea of another prophecy child, but I've talked to the author and he's given hints that it's darker than it sounds. Because I do like the characters, I want to finish it, but I guess it's not as gripping to me as The Death Gate Cycle was.

Right now, in the Plea of Apollisian, I'm at a scene where there's a battle with dwarves going on. From previous battles covered, I've learned that these dwarves mean business. Mean, horrible, filthy son of guns. And there's a lot at stake. Yet I closed the book to save it to read later. xD;; Not sure if that's a good sign, or maybe my attention span wavers too much.

All in all, I can't wait to finish these three and On Writing. The next books after those are either the Darksword Trilogy or the Raistlin Chronicles. After those two, I'll hopefully have gotten my hands on the very first trilogy in the Drizzt legacy. I'm excited to read R.A. Salvatore's work. I've never read his stuff, but have heard a lot of praise, so we'll see. :)

So, I have over thirty books to read next year and I have a lot of plans concerning art. School is going great and I'm looking forward to some of the classes. Work has been difficult, but during this break it's easier - at least I have a job! For that I'm endlessly grateful.

I have other plans, but I'll cover them when I've put more thought into 'em. :)

Hopefully the next update will be sketches, not just talking about them. ;P


  1. OMG "The Outstretched Shadow"... I must commend you you are actually getting anywhere with that. I found that book terrible, I could not for the life of me decide it was worth picking up to read it. I don't even understand how so much nothing can happen in so many words!!! So much pointless stuff amid what one might actually enjoy about the book. Not cool! D:

    And I haven't read Brisingr, and really have no intention to. I barely made it through Eragon, sadly; can't really remember much about the book, so I can say it never left much impact on me. xD

    Haven't heard of the third one you are reading, though! :O The Raistlin Chronicles I really enjoyed (Raistlin is probably still one of my favourite characters), as did the Drizzt legacy (the first few trilogies are brilliant!! (So is the cover artist Todd Lockwood, I should mention.) In my opinion, they begin to drag out and feel repetitive by the time you get to the Hunter's Blade trilogy though, but that's a long ways off when you're just beginning the series!). I wonder if I'll ever go back to Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms... I read so many of those books but I haven't read them now for years! A lot of different authors are writing in both the series now, some of which I am not particularly fond of. :P

    I got a Sony Reader for Christmas, so I'm pretty psyched and have started reading lots lately too! Have you ever read any books by Robin Hobb? I really liked the Farseer trilogy, but right now I'm reading The Rain Wilds Chronicles - these books are AMAZING!! The characters are so interesting and unique - you definitely need to add "Dragon Keeper" to your reading list! They're the best books I've read in a really long time. Another author your might want to check out is Lois McMaster Bujold. I've read "The Curse of Chalion" and "Paladin of Souls" by her, among others, that were really good stories as well.

    Good luck with all your reading!! May all us busy people find reading and sketching time! :)

  2. I have heard of Robin Hobb - never read his work, but have been recommended them many times. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm excited to look into them! :D

    I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT SO MUCH NOTHING (in regards to the Outstretched Shadow). I'm 80 pages from finishing it. I can finish it in a couple days; but yeah, getting into it is sometimes hard. I remember all the important stuff that happened in it - mostly because Kellen likes to reminisce so much. I found it funny when Kalen was asked a question and he spent 2 large paragraphs' worth of internal dialogue and analyzing before answering. It wasn't a serious question, either, and it wasn't like he was trying to think of an ingenious plan or plot something.

    Still, I do like the characters. Jermayan's one of my favorite - mostly 'cause his attitude and self assurance and stubbornness. Kellen's alright, but I probably wouldn't cry if something happened to him. However, as the book creeps to the end, Kellen seems to be getting some sort of back bone, but all his reminding of things and reasoning why this and why Jermayan said or did that gets a little annoying.

    Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory are good writers (not sure which one did the writing for this, though), they describe well and created vivid characters. However, I think they abused description (sometimes! Other times I enjoy it, but it all depends) and need to lighten up with all reminders. Let me try and find a reason for Jermayan to be upset - don't tell me why! >.>

    Sorry for the rant-ish. o__o It's a good way to observe pros and cons and things to try and keep in mind when I work on my own novels...