Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sketches + an actual update.

Michelle's characters :'D I had way too much fun drawing them. So much fun, that Deriv looks female. How did that happen...huh.

I think I've gotten worse as of late...that, or I just haven't felt like drawing any buffed men or dudes with facial hair. >.> I'll try and get some real manly men drawn. And some real women, for goodness sake. I have more sketches than I show, I'm just too lazy to scan my sketchbook. xD

Anyway, as for updates...
There are several things going on. One, I failed my driving test (my bad...), but I'm scheduled to retake it on the 17th. Pretty sure I'll pass. I'll be dumbfounded if I don't, since I'm driving perfectly fine, it was just a yellow-light-turned-red-while-turning deal before that screwed me over. I'll drive more carefully next time and avoid that >.<

Two, I've set a goal for writing the new draft of my book series, Thundering Magic, renamed now - at least temporarily - as the Song of Fate saga. Book one, A Thousand Eagles, is about the revelation one bond-servant receives as his life becomes property in a struggle that's been going on for centuries. (short version of a stupid and long summary lol. I hate writing them~ )

I'm about 5,000 words into it so far, and I'm setting the mark as 150,000 words (aiming lower for the sake of not writing too fat of a book, but 150k is a safe number.), and the deadline April 25 (my birthday!!) of next year. That gives me 7 months (technically 6 months, as November is reserved for NaNoWriMo.) I'll need to write at least 8,333 words a week to meet my goal. Whether I reach it or not, if I keep up writing every week, I'll be close to finishing it sometime next year. Wish me luck!

Lastly, I thought I could double up on classes and graduate at the end of next year, but when I looked over my course schedule, there's no way to finish it until late 2012. It gives a setback for some plans I had for that year, but the good news about it is that it gives me some extra time to save for it. :)

Alrightie, it's about 3 am and I need to get off here before I topple over and my cat eats my papers.


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